Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Product Sample Files Can Help Your Download Sales

Everyone loves a free sample, so why not enhance your sales on PayLoadz with product samples? It is no secret that product samples can only help your sales when offered. Though you need to get the word out about your virtual goods and work as hard as possible to ensure that people know what you have to offer, the product itself is often its own best salesman. Obviously we don’t mean that your product without all the hard work will magically sell itself, but the impression, atmosphere, and tools you give it all contribute to your success.

This is why product samples are so important, especially for virtual goods. Regardless of the cost of your product and what you put into your marketing efforts, product samples are usually the most cost-effective selling method out there, and have been for years. Think back to the days of door-to-door salesmen – didn’t they always have a product sample with them? The principle behind that strategy has not and will not change, regardless of technology!

It really doesn’t matter what type of product you sell in order to use a sample to get your foot in potential clients’ doors. Samples can be applied to anything and is especially useful for digital goods. Many customers would like to see what you’re offering and to test the download waters. Are there glitches? Is the software or file compatible with their computer system? Samples can answer all sorts of questions right off the bat.

One of the main draws of using product samples is that your whole advertising campaign can change. Once you offer free product samples, you can use the word “free” in your ads. Free stuff always brings in readers and visitors. That’s the hook – free samples. Go ahead and reel them in with your awesome products!

Offering product samples gets action. Just with a great title and description, a shopper may not be ready to commit to becoming a buyer. Throw a sample into the mix and you’ve got someone who is ready to learn a little more about your product. He or she will order the sample, download it, and won’t be able to move on without testing it out. This is a great way to spread the word about your product and gain new clients.

Product samples aren’t expensive to offer and will end up increasing your sales and overall investment in the long run. You can offer free downloads, product sample files, or a combination of both through the PayLoadz system. You can also use discount codes to those who have sampled your product for the full version. The possibilities are endless. In fact, PayLoadz makes it incredibly easy to set up a sample, offer discounts and free downloads. We encourage you to be creative with using product samples when selling your goods.