Thursday, November 19, 2009

Using Free Download Files & Discounts

As a business owner you are probably always looking for ways to help increase your revenue, extend the reach of your product, and to succeed. When you join PayLoadz there are a few tricks that can help increase your business, and many of our members do not even realize it! A great way to draw attention to your product is by offering free downloads, perhaps to new or returning customers, and to also offer discounts from time to time. Here are some ways to use free download files and discounts with your PayLoadz account.

It is easy to forget that because you are selling products through the PayLoadz system that you can also offer download links for free to any customer. This means exactly what you think – any user can download a link without making any sort of payment to you. While you do not want to offer only free downloads, a free download is a simple and easy way for a potential customer to get acquainted with your product. That is why we allow free downloads.

Using a free download file through PayLoadz is actually quite simple. As long as you have a PayLoadz account set up and your profile is all filled out, you are ready. You just need to start creating free download files for your account. However, your account level must at least be Premium I in order to offer free download files.

In your account, go to the Selling section then click on Manage and Upload Files. There will be a checkbox next to the Allow Free Download option – check it. You will also need to click on the button that says “SET FOR FREE DOWNLOAD.” This will generate a link for your free download that can be placed on your or other sites. If you want, you can include the free download within a product you are featuring on PayLoadz. Otherwise, this free download link can be placed in emails, your site, and any other marketing materials to help spread your reach.

Discounts are another great way of increasing your business with PayLoadz. You may want to offer special discounts to brand new customers to bring the business in or for returning customers, to keep business flowing. You can create new discounts easily. This can be done from the Selling section of your account.

One thing to remember is that if you plan to use discounts, you will also need to enable the PayLoadz Shopping Cart as well as one of the GoLink button codes or links for purchase in order for your discount option to work properly. There is a wide range of discounts that you can offer, some of which include a flat fee off and a percentage off. There are variations of these two models including a flat fee or percentage discount based on the number of items a customer purchases or the amount of money a customer is spending in a single purchase.