Monday, November 16, 2009

CD Delivery System

Having a physical back-up to any downloads that you may purchase can be a lifesaver for many people. What happens if your computer crashes or your system is overrun by a virus? As you probably already know, PayLoadz is a great place to buy digital media in downloadable formats. But, did you know that tangible CDs are now also available from PayLoadz?

Right now, we’re testing the waters in tangible sales. This means that actual CDs of certain downloaded files can be shipped directly to customers. Currently the CD delivery system is available on a limited basis and can be purchased as a single item.

What’s great about the CD delivery system is that customers can purchase a CD version of your product as a back-up to the downloaded version accessed from the PayLoadz system. We’ve found that quite a few customers prefer to have a hardcopy of their purchased materials in addition to the download. And plenty of sellers agree with this model. Based on this demand, we’ve implemented the CD delivery feature for a small fee.

As a merchant, you’ll need to upgrade your existing account to the “Enhanced Services” account. Existing sellers not already using the PayLoadz Percentage of Sales Pricing Account must simply upgrade their current account. Because customers will still pay you directly, we’ll need a way to recoup our cost for producing and shipping out the CDs on your behalf. We’ll charge your PayPal account on a nightly basis for each CD sale that occurred during the day. We charge $5.50 per CD sale. It’s up to you what you charge your customers.

It’s really easy to start using the CD delivery system. Just remember to enable the CD delivery option in your enhanced services section. If this option is not selected you will not be able to offer CDs to your customers. You can opt in or out of the CD delivery system at any time and it is not required to sell your product.

Another thing you’ll need to do is make a few changes to the Single Item Purchase GoLink for the product you wish to have an accompanying CD. You’ll either need to modify one that you’ve already got listed or simply submit a new product. Just remember that if you will be charging your customers for the CD, you will need to create a new product just for the CD. And don’t worry about that extra $5.50 that we charge, we’ll add it to the price automatically.

When you set up your products to offer an accompanying CD, you will want to test things out to make sure everything is working well. Just don’t make a real purchase as we aren’t able to provide refunds for CD payments. Please note that we may change this policy in the future; however, as it stands during the testing phases we do not have the tracking in place to allow for refunds.

Though we’re still perfecting the CD delivery system, we think it’s pretty neat! Eventually we hope to add the functionality to offer both a download and a CD in a single order in an effort to streamline the entire process.