Sunday, January 31, 2010

Increase Your Sales with Descriptive Titles

Using PayLoadz to sell your digital products and virtual goods is an excellent way to get in touch with both returning and potential buyers. Sitting from the comfort of your own home or office, you can list your goods easily (and free!) with us and watch the dollars roll in. But, that success doesn’t come all by itself. You do have to think about how you list your products and the descriptions you offer. In today’s economy, who wants to spend their hard-earned money without knowing what they’re actually getting? The answer is: not many people.

This is where descriptive titles make you a stronger seller. Using PayLoadz is easy enough, virtually stress-free. But, you do want to encourage new buyers to lay their money down and take your product home. Descriptive titles help enhance your product listing in the PayLoadz Store. Sure, you already have a product image, bold lettering, and have invested in featured listings for your products, but there’s more you can do. Try these tips out and see if your sales don’t increase noticeably.

So what makes a title descriptive enough!

First of all, you should know by now that selling products online is all about search. Potential buyers look for products using search engines as well as the search on PayLoadz store. Make sure that the product titles have just the right keywords so that they appear in the results when shoppers search for them. Think of yourself searching for the same product on the Internet and the keyword or phrase that you would enter in the search box to find that product. That keyword should be a part of your title.

Secondly, the title should explain what the product is all about. While using right keywords may help show your product in search engines; people may still not click on the link because the title may not be telling the whole story about the product. For eg: the titles ‘How to stop snoring’ and ‘How to stop snoring without surgery’ use the appropriate keyword ‘stop snoring’; however, the latter explains the content of the ebook better. This is what makes it a more descriptive title. Use the space we allow for a good title! Remember, the more descriptive and accurate the title, the more potential the listing has for buyers to click it and check out your product.

Another thing to remember is that spelling counts! While we won’t be giving you a spelling test anytime soon, misspelled words can make you lose out on sales. Spelling is so important because as buyers search for your products they will be typing particular keywords and phrases into the search tool. This means that if your product’s title contains misspelled words, your listing may not be displayed! Always double check the spelling before you list an item. If you think any of your titles may have misspelled words, go back and make edits!

Click here to check out a sample product description to see how we display the title and description that you provide.

Just remember, the more descriptive you are in your product title, the more clicks you will receive. A higher number of clicks to your listing will translate into a higher number of sales, which always helps your bottom line and profits! Using descriptive and accurate titles gives shoppers an idea of what they are purchasing. No smart shopper spends their money blindly – remember that and you’re on your way to lots of success with PayLoadz and your online sales!