Sunday, December 27, 2009

Five Tips for Selling on PayLoadz

One of the best and easiest ways to increase your sales and spread the reach of your product is to sell your product online. An even better way to achieve this goal is to sell digital goods, and that’s where PayLoadz comes in. PayLoadz can help you build your online business, increase your profits, boost your sales, and strengthen your bottom line.

The sale of digital items can be extremely profitable. There is no inventory to store, no postage costs, and very little overhead. This means you can make a lot of money without spending a significant amount. However, it does not happen overnight. Using PayLoadz is definitely a way to help boost your online business, and we thought we’d offer up some useful tips to help you make the most of our services.

1 – Use the PayLoadz Store

Always remember that the more venues in which you offer your product the more sales you will have. So, in addition to eBay, your own website, affiliates, and other online auction venues, the PayLoadz Store is a viable option. Our store allows for customers to search for, find your digital goods, and check out all in a few simple steps.

2 – Take Advantage of the PayLoadz Affiliate Program

Everyone could use a little bonus. Think of our affiliate program as a bonus system. When you join the program you can earn a little extra cash by promoting other PayLoadz members’ products while they do the same for you. Remember, PayLoadz Affiliate members will also promote your products for a conversion fee. It works out great for each party involved.

3 – Offer Sample Downloads

Since all of the products we offer on PayLoadz are digital items, it is usually pretty easy for merchants to offer samples of the products they offer for download. A sample will allow potential customers to test out your product and familiarize themselves with it. If they like it, they will be more likely to make the purchase. PayLoadz allows sample of video and audio files to be created for the buyer to view.

4 – Allow Subscriptions

Many times, virtual goods can be upgraded. If your digital products are the types that are frequently updated with improvements, you may want to offer customers the option for a subscription. This will allow them to purchase upgrades, tie-ins, and expansion packs quickly and easily. It can save customers money and keep them loyal to you.

5 – Use PayLoadz GoLinks

PayLoadz GoLinks are ideal for merchants that don’t actually have their own website but can be used by those that do as well. PayLoadz GoLinks are simple pieces of HTML code that you can place on almost any location online that when clicked will direct the visitor to the PayLoadz page for your product. These can be placed in emails, forum signatures, chat rooms, and just about anywhere else you can place a link!

6 - Offer Discounts

You can offer discounts on products using PayLoadz. We provide several types of discount options such as Discount Code Flat Fee, Number of Items Flat Fee Discount, Number of Items Percentage Discount etc.

7 - Use Featured Listing

Featured Listings for your products provide more exposure for your products in PayLoadz store. As for performance, Featured products outsell the normal ones by three times providing great value for your investment in Featured Listings.