Thursday, December 24, 2009

The PayLoadz Shopping & Selling Experience

We believe that the overall shopping experience for both buyer and merchant should be fast, easy, and efficient, which is why we have carved our own niche in the digital goods market. We provide a quick and cost-efficient means to buy and sell virtual goods such as movies, software, digital art, music, e-books, and other digital files. In short, PayLoadz is a powerful and necessary e-commerce service.

We invite any company that sells any form of downloadable materials to give us a try. Aside from serving as a platform to provide merchants with a means to sells these goods, we also manage and track the transactions that go through our system, transactions that go through eBay, and provide a place for merchants to store their digital files. Furthermore, we can handle product key registration and file delivery.

We maintain all your product and sales history and you can access the same by visiting (requires logging into the account).

The way PayLoadz works is quite simple, which makes for a pleasant shopping experience for customers. Once merchants upload and configure their files, we will generate a software code that they can simply paste onto their websites, in forum signatures, and just about any other place possible. When placed on a website, a “Buy Now” button will appear that will make the transaction possible.

When customers browse through a merchant’s website, or any other venue they have featured their digital good, the “Buy Now” button makes the purchase quite painless. The button adds the product to the shopping cart, which works just like any other online cart. When customers check out, they are prompted for their PayPal information, Google Checkout information, or credit card. There is no hassle when it comes to making a purchase. Once the sale is complete, we send the customer an email confirming the purchase with a receipt and the location from which they may download their purchase. Vendors will always receive a simultaneous email that announces the sale.

We want to ensure that you receive full payment for your product and the buyer also receives appropriate discounts, if applicable. For this we have a feature called “Price Checking” that sends an e-mail notification whenever the buyer somehow does not pay the correct amount or the discounts are not properly applied. The download is blocked in such scenarios and the seller, upon receiving the notification, has the option to manually send the download link to the buyer. This feature can be enabled or disabled from your account settings by visiting

Because we know security is of the utmost importance, we support keys that allow customers to register and validate the products they purchase. These keys can be tied specifically to transactions or remote key scripts that run on remote servers that create the keys.

There are a number of optional features that allow customers to have the freedom to decide how, where, and when to make their purchases. Merchants can list their items in the PayLoadz Store, on eBay, or even their own website. This allows ease of use for anyone interested in buying virtual goods. We also store a record of the transaction so that merchants can keep track of sales and customers may locate their products at a later date.
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