Thursday, December 31, 2009

Using PayPal PayFlow Pro with Authorize.Net with your PayLoadz Account

At PayLoadz, we think it is extremely important to offer our members, and their customers, plenty of options and security when it comes to selling and purchasing virtual goods, which is why it is possible to use PayPal PayFlow with Authorize.Net in association with your PayLoadz account. You may be wondering just what we’re talking about and how it can help you. Let us explain.

Because we know just how important security is, we offer fully integrated support for PayPal PayFlow Pro, which was previously known as VeriSign. PayFlow Pro is a great service that not only offers flexibility but security while meeting the varying needs of sellers and merchants of all kinds. It is a great service for merchants that have hundreds of transactions daily as well as those who only have a few.

If you think PayPal PayFlow Pro is right for you – and we suggest that it is! – you need to sign up through your existing PayPal account. It is easy to sign up for PayFlow Pro and it is compatible with any merchant account. If you don’t already happen to have a merchant account, you can get one and PayFlow Pro through Transcom. It’s quick and easy.

Authorize.Net is also very useful to have with a merchant account. This system allows you to configure your options to process credit cards in real time, which is always beneficial for your bottom line. Authorize.Net allows your customers to enter their credit card information in, including their billing address, right on the shipping screen and verifies it for you. As long as the information is correct and there are funds available on the card to cover the order, the customer will receive a receipt and the order will be placed. It is up to the seller to ship or email the product and tell Authorize.Net to capture the funds from the card in order to receive payment.

In today’s day and age, it is extremely important to protect your customers from virtual and identity theft while at the same time protecting yourself. Online shoppers will always feel more secure when they see reputable protections on a checkout screen and will thus increase your credibility and trustworthiness. The more credible you are as a merchant, the more recommendations you may get from customers. With the use of PayPal’s PayFlow Pro with Authorize.Net, you will be protected and so will your customers.

In our help section, we have outlined how to set up each of these services, to make it easier on you. And if for any reason you have any questions, we are always happy to help – just shoot us an email.