Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Marketing and Branding of your Virtual Goods

Simply speaking, most of the value a virtual good has is in the value of its brand. This is the idea behind how a name-brand soda tastes better than the store-brand even though the two beverages have exactly the same ingredients. The brand of a particular product will sometimes satisfy a customer more than one without any brand recognition. The stronger your virtual good’s brand is, the more you may actually sell. This is something that PayLoadz can help with.

An excellent way of marketing and branding your virtual goods is to start off by providing free or low-cost versions of the product. This will help you reach out to potential clients and give them a taste of what your product is all about. As a payment gateway between customers and sellers, PayLoadz can help you at this pivotal stage in your marketing campaign. You can easily offer your discounted or free virtual product samples through the PayLoadz platform. We also offer free product sales worth $50 every month to enable sellers promote and sell their products without incurring any cost.

Virtual retailers often need a way to set themselves apart. For instance, why would a customer want to purchase your particular virtual good? Often, sellers will add features to their virtual goods that may not be possible on their physical counterparts. Examples of such features include interviews and additional media like changing colors and complex technologies.

Remember, traditional marketing and branding techniques can be used for virtual goods. If you’re lucky enough to already have the budget for a celebrity endorsement, go for it. However, you may be more interested in guerilla marketing schemes, viral campaigns, basic advertising on television, radio, online, and print, different media placements, sponsorships, and even charitable activities. As a virtual retailer, you may even have the advantage in using such traditional marketing methods because you will likely have a clear understanding of the local market and intended audience.

Just remember, in order to market and brand your virtual goods successfully, you should also be innovative. Just like any other brand, a virtual good brand must successfully position itself on the cutting edge. When you have a strong brand, customers will be willing to pay for the product, even if there are other competitors that are just as good. Featuring your product on different platforms will definitely help your brand. Very soon, PayLoadz will be offering sellers an ability to promote their goods on several social media sites through its upcoming platform PowrPub.

As technology evolves, payment and purchasing platforms such as PayLoadz also become an excellent way to market and brand your virtual good. The e-commerce industry is constantly changing, which means that traditional companies may be losing their edge. With a consistent and distinctive identity, your virtual goods will surpass the competition. By featuring your products on PayLoadz, you will be offering your customers a safe and reliable way to purchase your goods.