Saturday, November 7, 2009

Payments for Your Products

As you set up your PayLoadz account, it is helpful to learn about all the different options you can offer customers to make payment. Obviously receiving payments for your product is a major concern, so you should be aware of every choice available. And remember, the more options you offer your customers, the more likely they are to make the purchase.

We have our own payment gateway known as PayLoadz Payments. This gateway authenticates the buyer before the purchase is made in an effort to prevent charge-backs.

PayLoadz Payments is quite easy to use and allows buyers to shop and add items to their cart. Checkout is handled by PayLoadz and takes only seconds. As buyers make their purchases funds accumulate in your account. PayLoadz Payments will transfer any amount over $10 to your PayPal account once a week. If you do not have a Premium account through Google Checkout, Amazon, or PayPal, this will be your only payment option.

The most common payment option is PayPal. PayPal is a payment platform that allows customers to make their purchases using credit cards or bank information. Registering for PayPal is completely free. We highly recommend using PayPal as it is so easy and works so well with our existing system. Just remember that your best bet is to use a Business or Premiere PayPal account.

An advantage of using PayPal is using Micropayments. Micropayments allow you to take advantage of lower PayPal transaction fees. If your products cost less than $8.00, PayPal offers tiered pricing that can save you a lot of money and increase the options you have for your customers.

Google Checkout is also a viable option when it comes to receiving payments for your products. It is another payment platform that, like PayPal, allows customers to pay with either credit card or bank information. Signing up for a Google Checkout account is also free. This platform is a great option for customers and works almost as well as PayPal. As another alternative, you could consider Amazon Payments. Using Amazon Payments with PayLoadz is really quite simple and allows customers to pay with a credit card or bank number. Amazon is one of the most popular payment platforms for merchants today.

Aside from PayPal, Google Checkout, and Amazon Payments there are other methods of accepting payments for your products. TrialPay is a newer online payment option that allows customers to make a purchase by completing an advertising offer. It is used less frequently than other platforms but is an option nonetheless. Other less widely used payment options include 2Checkout, also known as 2CO, and RapidShare.

Plenty of options when it comes to collecting payments for your products are essential to the success of your business and keeping your customers happy. PayLoadz offers as many options to our merchants as possible because your success is directly related to our success.