Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finding Your Order and What to do With Your Download

Once you’ve placed your order on the PayLoadz system you will need to find your order and access the download. There are several different ways to find your order download page, which makes things easy on you! You’ll be able to access your order on the Payment Confirmation and Completion Page, the download email, and even within the Order Lookup System.

The Payment Confirmation and Completion Page is usually the easiest way to find your order, and it also happens to be the quickest way. Once you have made your purchase and made your payment, the PayLoadz site will present you with a confirmation screen. This screen will show you the details of your order as well as a link to access the download page. Using the Payment Confirmation and Completion Page offers a direct way of accessing your purchase immediately.

If you choose not to access your order through the Payment Confirmation and Completion Page the download email is the next best method. Remember, we send an email as soon as your order is placed. This instant email is sent to the email address you provide during the checkout process. The email will contain the same information as the Payment Confirmation and Completion Page including the details of your order and the download location.

We understand that emails get accidentally discarded and web browsers get closed, so we have developed our unique Order Lookup System. You can access the PayLoadz Order Lookup System at http://payloadz.com/d1/lookup.asp. This page allows you to fill out a short form with your PayPal email address, the Invoice ID number, and your last name. Just remember that the Invoice ID will be the same as the Auction ID.

Once you’ve found your order and the download information, you simply need to download the files to your computer. Downloading your order is really easy! If you’ve downloaded any file before, you’ll be fine. When you download your file, just be sure to remember where on your computer you’ve saved it for quick and easy access.

The way that you use your purchased content is really up to you and depends on what the files are that you bought. The merchants we feature on PayLoadz offer a wide variety of downloadable files ranging from video, software, eBooks, and audio. Once you have downloaded the files you’ll just need to open them up to ensure that they are in good working order. As long as you have the proper programs installed, your products should work without a problem.

If there is ever an issue using your purchased content, you’ll need to check out the seller’s instructions or even contact the seller for more assistance. Contacting the seller is actually quite easy – we don’t make things too difficult at PayLoadz! Simply click on the “Contact Seller” option on the PayLoadz system and send a message. You may also be able to find their information from their website or your PayPal history.