Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Affiliate System

When you offer a product or service online, it is always a good idea to use an affiliate system. Affiliate marketing and relationships help not only spread the word about your own products and boost sales but can help you make a significant amount of extra money while you’re at it. We know the importance of an effective affiliate system which is why PayLoadz has implemented our own to help you become more successful.

The affiliate system that we offer at PayLoadz is designed to complement your efforts and expand your product reach. Remember, when you join an affiliate program, other people market your products to targeted audiences. This is an extremely effective way to get the word out about your product. The way it works is that these other parties, known as affiliates, market your product in exchange for a financial payout for any successful sale that is attributed to them. These sales are called conversions in many cases.

Our affiliate system is ideal for those of you just starting out with a new product, though it is also extremely beneficial to those whose products are already established. By working with affiliates you can generate leads and name branding even more quickly than if you were doing it on your own. Your customer base and profits will both increase simply by sharing a small portion of your sales. And remember, you can decide what payout scheme is right for you and you’re never locked in so you can modify your affiliate payouts as needed.

If you want to join the PayLoadz affiliate system, it’s really simple. However, you will be required to use the PayLoadz GoLink code on all of your sales pages to ensure that your affiliates are properly credited for their payment. The GoLink code allows for efficient tracking of your affiliates and all of their conversions.

Setting up your PayLoadz affiliate program is really quite easy. Simply go into your account and you’ll see the Affiliate Sales Information section near the bottom of the Product Setup page. It is here that you’ll fill in the rules of your affiliate commissions including the fee to be paid for each converted sale. At this time you’ll also be able to use the Affiliate Lister feature as well as the Affiliate URL which are both very useful tools to help generate additional affiliates for your product on PayLoadz.

Members of PayLoadz affiliate system are rewarded greatly – up to $175 per sale is possible, though it does vary from product to product. There are actually two different aspects to our system. If you’re selling digital goods on our site, you can list your product as a possible affiliate product and let others market it in exchange for a fee based on a per sale scale. However, you can also join the program and earn extra cash from PayLoadz directly when you place our ad syndication on your website and market our services.