Thursday, October 29, 2009

Setting Up Product Keys and Registration

As a new member of PayLoadz you may be wondering a bit about setting up product keys and registration after you get started. Believe it or not, it won’t be as difficult as you think! Even novices to this industry will be able to handle it since it’s so simple, we assure you. In fact, you may already know a little bit about product keys and registration – ever heard of the software registration system? That’s just another phrase used to refer to this very topic.

You may have noticed that many merchants out there have a registration system in place which prevents it from being used until you’ve registered it. This is common on computer software, video games, and similar media. When you register such products, the specially generated registration code, known as the product key, must be entered at some point after purchase and downloaded (or installed) the product. With PayLoadz, you can implement a similar system for your own products!

If you are interested in setting up product keys and registration for anything you’ll be offering up on PayLoadz, it really is quite easy. To find the Product Key and Serial Delivery information for any item you simply go on the Product Detail page for any item or available download. That’s where you can read about existing registration systems and set up new ones. However, just remember that we can’t provide assistance for creating an actual registration system because we don’t endorse any particular vendor for software registration systems. But, we’re happy to help in enabling the delivery keys for your protection.

Remember, it is up to you to find a vendor for product keys and registration on your product downloads. Once you have a registration system in place, the PayLoadz system is available for you to send the product keys for registration to customers once they have made payment. There are a couple of options for the creation and delivery of your product keys.

The first option is Upload Keys. You’d choose this if you’ve already a variety of keys for your product since it allows you to take as many keys as you like and add them to the PayLoadz server. This allows the product key to be automatically sent once the customer makes the purchase and keeps that particular key associated with that single purchase for your records.

A Remote Key Script is another option. This is ideal for when you have a script that generates keys on a remote server. All you need to do is provide the location of the remote script. When this option is used, the customer gets the product key after purchase via a form. The script helps generate a specific key code for that purchase.

You can also choose just a single password which means it will be the same for all purchases. It is the simplest method and provides the least amount of protection. Usually, the first two options are ideal for PayLoadz users.