Monday, October 26, 2009

Offering Subscription Downloads

As you become more and more familiar with all the great features of the PayLoadz system, you’ll find that offering subscription downloads may suit your product scheme quite well. Remember, the more options you have to offer to potential buyers the more likely they are to end up purchasing your product. Subscription downloads are an excellent example of how to offer this kind of choice variety to your customers.

With a subscription download, your buyers are able to “test” out your product for a trial period, which is usually a great way to lock down customers. Buyers often feel a lot more comfortable when they can try something out for a period of time to make sure it suits their needs. The subscription system through PayLoadz is a great way to achieve this.

The subscription system is used in conjunction with PayPal, which is a payment method growing exponentially in popularity. PayPal offers a subscription payment option which allows you to set a trial period, introductory rates, regular rates, and special offers. It is quite a versatile option for your buyers. Just remember, if you want to offer subscription downloads you’ll need to use the PayLoadz GoLink code format on any of your sales pages.

The PayLoadz GoLink code is easily obtained directly from our system via the Selling tab in your account. You’ll need to access this after you’ve created the products you want to sell through PayLoadz. Once you’ve gone into the Selling tab you’ll find the GoLink code in the Details section of the Product Summary. This option is available for any and all products you have listed with us.

Since subscription downloads are optional the feature will be included in the section for any optional features we have available. Through our system you will be redirected to the form to set up your subscription profile which can be unique to each of your products.

When you complete this process the PayLoadz system will generate a button code for your website which can be easily pasted into your site’s existing code. This button will allow your customers to opt for a subscription or trial period. You can also change the details of your subscriptions at any time.

It is important to understand that the GoLink code generated by the PayLoadz system and placed on your site will automatically redirect to PayPal. This allows buyers to easily and quickly set up their first payment through their PayPal account and get started right away. This works great because your PayPal account is also credited immediately during this process. Once the subscription is paid for, a download can be emailed to the buyer almost instantly. However, you will need to send any subscription downloads manually, though this is easily done through our “Send a Download” option in your account.