Tuesday, July 8, 2008

PayLoadz.com Downloadable Content Service Continues Growth in 2nd Quarter

PayLoadz.com, a leader in digital good content ecommerce services, announces 2nd quarter results that show continued strong growth.

New York, NY July 8, 2008 -- PayLoadz.com discloses internal valuation metrics for its online downloadable content ecommerce solution and displays a continued trend of considerable growth.

During the past year, registered accounts increased 40% from 54,000 to 76,000. Over 1,800 accounts pay a monthly fee for service. Similarly, the number of products registered for sale through PayLoadz increased 58% from 230,000 to 365,000.

The number of file downloads processed for June 2008 was 70,000 compared with just 52,300 in June 2007, representing a 34% increase. The dollar value of transactions processed for the period from June 2007 to June 2008 was just over $7M.

Monthly revenues have increased 28% when compared with June 2007 while yearly revenues have increased 40% in a year over year basis ending in the 2nd quarter.

"I am very happy with the large percentage and dollar increases the company is showing. PayLoadz.com, Inc. is operating in a bootstrap scenario, with extremely low overhead and a simplified structure, in an attempt to make it a valuable acquisition target," said Shannon Sofield, founder and CEO of PayLoadz.com. "We are building a strong base, which is ideal for a larger concern to come in and painlessly take the business to the next level. We are strategically positioned for the next phase of downloadable content ecommerce evolution as we have completed the test of concept phase and look forward to further growth in the upcoming fiscal periods."

The New York, NY based company employs a small staff of programmers and support staff while keeping costs down by outsourcing administrative tasks.

In the near term PayLoadz will implement buyer oriented features intended in increase purchases and provide value to people looking for digital goods. According to Mr. Sofield: "We've developed a full featured service from the seller's point of view, now we are shifting our focus to the consumer to make the search, purchase, and acquisition of content as seamless as possible. By doing so, we will increase value to the seller which will ultimately increase our bottom line."


For more information, please contact Shannon Sofield at (646) 201-4019 or Shannon.Sofield@PayLoadz.com.