Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Intermittent Site Errors Getting Resolved

Starting yesterday morning we were getting errors in the site with database timeouts. Throughout the day we took some of the secondary sites offline so we could ensure that the main site stayed up and running to process orders. It limed along as we looked at queries and potential issues. That continued until just this morning as we found some scripts hammering the database servers from recent development work and have been working to get them into proper shape. We are in the home stretches now and are just getting everything buttoned up again.

As always, if there is a site issue some orders could not be immediately processed. Rest assured though, that usually the payment processing script will continue to retry to process the order until it succeeds. If you need to send a download in the meantime, use our new Send Download system found under the Selling tab of your account. You can send out downloads to any email address with no charges against your account.

Thank you for your patience,