Saturday, June 14, 2008

Features and Fixes: Round-Up

Been a while since I've updated the Features and Fixes section. Dev has been going full-on and looks to continue for the foreseeable future. Some things below will need their own post, but for now, I'll just list them here.

In no particular order:

Do Not Record Seller Downloads
Sellers will not have their IP Addresses tracked when they access the customer's download page. Previously, they used one of the customers access times when they loaded the page. With this change in place we are now able to link directly to the customer's download page within the seller site without fear of having them trigger the download expiration for the IP address access limit.

Store Search Improvement
Small fixes here have yielded much better results. More to come on this front.

Disable Download Function
Sellers can now disable a particular download for an order making it unusable by going to the Order Detail page and clicking on the Disable Downloads button.

Bug Fix to Not Log Pending Order Accesses
When a user accessed the page when the order was pending, the system would count it as a download access even though no download could be made because the order was still pending. This has been fixed so pending order access of the download page will not be counted.

Captcha on Feedback Form
For users who are not logged into the system, they will need to enter a human verification image text value to submit their inquiry. Bots were using this to spam using our mail server so thankfully, that has been closed up.

Prevention of Duplicate Billing Addresses
Even though there are front end checks in place to prevent users from having multiple billing agreements, we have instituted back-end checks for those users who slip through the cracks. Previously, this would cause a double bill issue. No no user can have more than one active billing agreement.

Button Image Editing
In the Code Generator, the user can now change their button used for the buy now button a lot easier now.

Reseller Tracking for PayLoadz Express
Now resellers can choose to send traffic to the PayLoadz Express system and receive credit for it. The Express system is a much easier way to get people into the system.

Subscription Button Generation
This is a big one that I will post more on later. But we can created a new subscription system where users can create digital good subscriptions with a very powerful Send Download system. More here for now.

Powerful Send Download System
You can now send a free download to a variety of options. Existing customers, customers of other products, a text file, and a lot more.