Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PayLoadz Integration Incentive Program

We are pleased to announce a new program designed to reward developers for integrating the PayLoadz service into their applications by providing financial compensation for their development efforts. Payments will range from $100-$5,000 for the initial development, and will include a 10-20% revenue sharing for all new referred clients resulting from the integration.

Following the release of the PayLoadz API live Beta, we feel this is the best way to get developers on board as partners of our service. We strongly feel that by working together, we will be able to take the service in new directions that our in-house team may not have known about. We are also hoping to seize upon this opportunity to provide better services for our existing users by leveraging the expertise of third party developers.

To be considered for an Integration Bonus, please contact us and submit a brief summary of the planned integration. Based on the merits and potential usability of the application, we will give an award amount for completion of the integration. It is not limited to API development, developers can integrate into our system in any way including our RSS/XML feeds and other data sources.

Some of our interested integrations include:

  • Shopping Carts
    - osCommerce
    - Joomla
    - Volusion
    - StoreFront.net
    - Yahoo Cart
    - 3dCart
    - Mal's
    - Magento
    - any others...

  • Hosting Providers
    - iGoogle
    - WordPress
    - any hosting provider...

  • Payment Processors
    - ClickBank
    - TrialPay
    - Authorize.Net
    - Echo Inc
    - Pligg.com
    - PaySimple
    - BeanStream
    - AlertPay
    - any other payment processor...

  • Widgets
    - Google Gadgets
    - Open Social Widgets
    - Facebook Widgets
    - any portable, simple application...

  • Storefronts
    - Yahoo!
    - Amazon
    - Homestead
    - CafePress
    - any other storefront...

  • Social Networks
    - MySpace
    - Facebook
    - Flickr
    - Zoomr
    - any other social network...
  • Newsletter/Email Management Tools

    Basically, anything you can think of that provides value to a person looking to integrate downloadable files in an eCommerce environment.

We are looking forward to hearing about the great ideas you have planned for our service.