Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New PayLoadz API Released

We are happy to announce, after a lengthy development period, that the new version of the PayLoadz API has been released in a live, fully-functioning Beta. This new system will allow any developer to integrate our services within their website or application.

The API is SOAP/XML based and is very similar in structure to the eBay and PayPal APIs as well as Google's APIs. Any developer with experience in these popular API formats should have no trouble integrating our service within their application. We have full documentation as well as functioning sample code for every call we have already built for your use.

The API allows developers to create a downloadable good, upload a file into our system, create a download transaction, and present an end user with a download link. The API also provides supporting calls for all of the above functions like transaction status and product purchase button HTML generation.

We feel this new system will be the key driving factor to the growth and new features released in our system using the talents of outside developers to take our service in a new direction. Shortly, we will be announcing an Integration Incentive Program which will provide developers with compensation for developing an application or site that uses our service.

If you have any ideas or are an experienced developer, we'd love to hear from you. We are more than willing to help anyone get this development under way. We can likely provide some financial incentive. Just give us an idea of how you see the system being used and we can take the discussion from there based on the idea's merits.

Happy Programming,


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