Monday, September 29, 2008

Features and Fixes: Round Up (September)

Some good functionality improvements on the list. Stay tuned for more...

Free File Downloads - Premium level sellers can set any file in their file list to be downloaded free of charge.

Store Featured Listings Fix - There was a bug preventing certain featured items from being displayed as Featured Listings in the store, this has been fixed now.

Tell A Friend Captcha - The system for the Tell a Friend functionality now has a captcha on it to prevent abuse. Annoying, but needed.

Micropayments Bug - There was an issue where accounts were not being properly redirected to the PayPal Micropayment email address specified. This has been fixed now.

Browser Fixes - Safari and Firefox were getting some issues in the Send Download system as well as the product setup process. This has been resolved including a few other issues.

Store Search - The Query used for the store search had to be refined to provide more accurate results. This is an ongoing process to be sure.

Download Page Timeouts - There was an issue with the SQL database queries which did some heavy lifting that needed to be refined/optimized. The download page loads much faster now.

TrialPay Payment Method - The system is now enabled to use TrialPay accounts as a payment method for sales. More on this later.

Google Checkout Enabled in Store - Sellers who disable PayPal but have Google Checkout enabled will have their sales go right to GC for payment.

Store Sub-Category Menus - We have implemented fly-out menus for the Store category navigation to make it quicker/easier.

Description Field in Bulk Import - The description field was getting cut off when using the Bulk Product Import system. This is now fixed and longer descriptions can be added now.

New Pre Made Purchase Buttons - The Code Generator system now includes several new buttons to choose from in addition to using the standard PayPal and your own custom buttons.

Subscription Product Download Bug - An issue has been resolved in the recurring payment/subscription download system.

Amazon Flexible Payments Enabled - Sellers can now sell in their PayLoadz account using the new Amazon payment system. Very similar to PayPal in functionality. More on this later.

Video Clip Previews - We are now enabling sample video clips to be viewed for certain file types in the store so customers can sample the item before buying.

Music Clip Previews - We have re-enabled sample song/audio clips in the store so customers can listed to portions before buying.