Friday, April 6, 2007

Bulk Product Import Revisions

I see there being a few ways to make PayLoadz a success for our sellers. One of the major ways is to increase the sales of products being sold in our system. This topic actually has several different facets to it, but one of them is to make the system as easy as possible for sellers to get setup and running. I'd say the majority of our users only have one or two products to start, but some have large catalogs they are bringing over. The Bulk Product Import system enables them to import all of their product information in a single step for all of the items they are selling.

We have had a barebones Excel spreadsheet in place for some time now. It didn't provide any enhanced functionality, just basic product information. We have since revised this process to include the more advanced listing features including the store listing component into the spreadsheet itself. eBay listings will also be enabled by the revised file as well. The file contains column descriptions and data entry hints and rules so sellers will have an easier time of deciding what goes where in the spreadsheet. If a seller needs to make any changes in bulk, they can simply make changes in the spreadsheet while keeping the item numbers the same and have their existing product information updated with the new values in the revised spreadsheet. This feature in particular opens the door for product export and re-import with revisions.

Once the spreadsheet is uploaded into the system, the seller can then upload their files using the File Manager or an FTP client. Using the Code Generator, they can obtain all of the HTML needed to add the payment buttons to their web site.

Back to work,