Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Features and Fixes: March 2007

Just thought I'd add a new blog series to keep everyone updated on our work over here.

PayLoadz Store
History Length Display - The PayLoadz Store allows for a user history (searches, products viewed, etc.) to be displayed on the right hand column. This would wrap to two lines and off-set the design in some cases. We have limited the length here for extra long values.

Category Preservation in Search - When a user is browsing a specific category and initiates a search with "search only this category" checked, then the search will keep the category values in the search results.

PayLoadz Site
Swapped Store and Affiliate Information in Product Setup - In the product creation process, we moved the store listing information just below the basic product information where the affiliate info used to be. We moved the affiliate info to the bottom. It seems like a more logical flow as people access the store information more often.

Affiliates Status Page Form Tags - During porting to the new site design, the affiliates status page where sellers approve and edit their affiliate information did not retain all of the form elements that were required to work. Simple fix.

Shopping Cart Price Bug - There was an annoying bug with prices over 1,000.00 that was causing the cart to error due to a FormatNumber issue. This has been fixed.

Keyword File in Product Setup - Sellers can enter their own product keywords for their products during listing. This will help our store search engine, the ad syndication system, and also for our paid placement listings like Google AdWords.

Buyer Purchase History Search - Added a better search capability to the customer purchase history page. Now they can search by several different types of values based on product, date, or seller.

Clickable Active Navigation Tabs - When a user is in a particular section of the site, the active tab is clickable and returns them back to the section homepage. Simple, but useful. PayPal does not have this and a user is forced to click a separate tab, then go back and click the original tab of they want to access the section start page.

PayLoadz Syndication
Pass JavaScript Values to Ad Code - The new PayLoadz Ad Syndication system allows for user defined design elements like font type, size, colors, etc. Users can now edit this information directly in the chunk of HTML we give them to customize the look of their ads. Several different ad formats will be out in a day or two.

PayLoadz eBay Store
Product Deletion, End Auction
- When sellers who had a product listed in our store delete the product from our system, the eBay auction was orphaned. Using an eBay API call, the auction is now ended.

That's all for now. We have a lot of cool things in the works. Stay tuned....