Saturday, April 7, 2007

eBay Listing in Product Setup

This is a small, but good enhancement to the process of our system. We have the PayLoadz eBay Store that sellers can choose to list their items in for free. The store has been pretty successful with a good volume of transactions and a 100% positive feedback score (which in itself is a testament to the reliability of the delivery system in my opinion).
Approved sellers were able to list their items in the eBay store after creating their products through a separate process previously. It would require them to re-enter a lot of the same information found in their PayLoadz Store listings. We have now consolidated the process and have placed a checkbox on the product setup page that allows the seller to automatically list in our eBay store using the same information as entered for the PayLoadz Store.

Since we have to keep tighter controls of the quality of products listed in our eBay store, new sellers will have their auction information posted to a Pending listing where we will review and approve/reject the listings via an admin process. This keeps the quality of products high.

This new system should dramatically increase the amount of inventory available to our eBay Store and demonstrate to the sellers that eBay is a viable venue for selling digital goods online. Perhaps even convince them to create their own eBay Store and sell their goods directly themselves.