Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How To Sell Downloads with Google

I'm happy to announce we just launched support for Google Checkout on our service. The full press release below:

NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 15, 2006 – (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) PayLoadz Inc. (, the leading provider of fulfillment for digital products, announces support for Google Checkout transaction processing. Publishers using the Payloadz digital good delivery service may now accept payments via Google Checkout in addition to the existing PayPal system. After payment, customers receive an email with secure download instructions for their purchase.

Working closely with Google engineers to ensure the deepest level of integration, becomes the first Google Integration Partner provider to specialize in digitally delivered goods. Products such as software, video, audio, ebooks, or any other e-product that can be downloaded, may be listed for sale with PayLoadz and paid for with Google Checkout.

Shannon Sofield, founder and CEO of PayLoadz Inc., noted the significance of being first to market with modules for Google Checkout. “Google has proven once again that scale combined with forward-thinking implementation creates a powerful solution. Publishers who want a ready-made system for selling digital goods need look no farther than the and Google Checkout system.”

Consistent with the model, publishers get paid immediately when a customer makes a purchase. Emerging publishers can get started for free and only subscribe once they start making sales.Merchants interested in using PayLoadz and Google Checkout can visit to learn more about the solution. The page describes how to sign up with PayLoadz and Google Checkout and configure the accounts to work together seamlessly.

As an added bonus, Google is waiving all Google Checkout transaction fees until January 1, 2007. Merchants may take advantage of this savings by creating an account and getting started today. Publishers who subscribe to PayLoadz and set up their Google Checkout account receive double the amount of secure storage space for downloadable products.
Visit the website ( to learn more about the company’s fulfillment features.

About PayLoadz Inc.
PayLoadz Inc., based in New York City, is the leading provider of tools and infrastructure for selling digital goods on the Internet. With over 44,000 registered merchants selling 250,000, PayLoadz remains the first mover in the marketspace for downloadable goods. PayLoadz is a privately-held enterprise. More information on PayLoadz is available at

PayLoadz and PayLoadz Express are registered trademarks of PayLoadz Inc. Google Checkout is a registered trademark of Google Inc. Used with permission. All other marks are property of their respective owners.


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