Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How To Use Google to Sell Downloadable Goods, Part 2: Google Directory

In our previous post, we started a series that will cover the basics of Google's services that help website owners sell digitally delivered goods. This part will cover the Google Directory search.

The Google Directory Search is really based off of the dmoz.org Open Directory Project. Google itself does not manage the content listed in the directory, it is simply pulled in from the DMOZ. However, since Google provides a dedicated search for the directory and it can give high PageRank preference to sites listed there, it is important to have your site listed here. In the earlier days of Internet marketing, the DMOZ directory was a powerful tool in getting your site exposure.

Submitting your site to the DMOZ has never been the easiest of practices. The issue is that all submissions have to be approved manually by a category manager- usually a volunteer who may or may not have lost interest in their assigned task. This is why persistence pays off. If you do not hear about the approval status of your submission for an extended period of time, consider re-submitting your site under a similar category. Be careful with spamming the directory though, they will remove sites a lot quicker usually than it takes to list them.

Begin submitting your site to the Google Directory here:

In the next segment, we will cover promoting your site using Google Analytics