Friday, November 17, 2006

eBay Digital Auction Delivery Bug Squashed

There has been a little bugger running around our automated auction delivery system the past few days. Tweaks to the IPN system had made certain auction situations unreliable. Digital product auctions would work for PayLoadz eBay Store sales and for auctions created by sellers in their own eBay account, but not for auctions that sellers created using an old auction listing process we had in place for digital goods. While we updated the manual and instructions to use the new system, it is always good practice to support older methods.

While trying to fix the old system, we actually would up breaking the main auction delivery system as well.

The culprit was a simple syntax string:
If vAuction <> "" Then

Should have been:
If vAuction = "" Then

Simple, no? Very, until you see it next to over 1,000 other lines of code. I'm just happy to say we got it worked out and all digital auctions using any method should be working properly.


Just found a cool eBay API call that will help us out with the reliability of delivering auction files. We'll post here once we get that in place.