Friday, February 11, 2011

Planned Maintenance Downtime 2/11/2011

The maintenance performed yesterday successfully decrease our database size to 25% of what it had grown into due to the revision of our database index definition. Because of the large drop in size, we have some fragmentation which is causing a slower response from the db server for some queries. We'd like to fix this using an index rebuild on all of the heavily fragmented indexes which requires us to take the server offline shortly. I am hoping the index rebuild can be finished up within an hour. We will be taking it down at 5:15PM EST and hope to have it back online by 6:00PM EST.

Thank you for your patience,


UPDATE: Everything went smoothly and we finished up the index rebuild quickly. The site is back online as of 5:45PM EST and appears to be responsing much faster now that the index rebuild has taken place. We will continue to monitor it carefully.