Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Using Video to Increase Download Sales

When it comes to increasing your sales, there are many things to consider. As a PayLoadz member, you already are offering virtual goods online, but how are you marketing those products? If email campaigns and PPC are just not hitting the mark these days, why not think about thinking outside the box a bit?

Because technology is always changing and the public is always modifying the way in which it takes in information, your options are always expanding. One way to increase your sales today is to use video to do so. So, how does video improve your sales margins? Video is engaging and can emotionally connect with viewers – just like ads on television. Video brings a sense of personality to your business and can even boost your credibility and professionalism.

There are many different ways that you can use video to increase your sales. The most effective ways to use video is by incorporating reality video, stories, and testimonials into your website’s content. Such videos allow your customers to connect with your product visually and remember, visual impressions can run quite deep. And don’t worry if you don’t have your own website. You can even incorporate videos into your product pages in the PayLoadz Store. Refer to one of our videos explaining how to create a product listing.

When producing a video clip for your product there are some basics to keep in mind, and they’re really quite simple. Just remember, people like stories – they like to tell stories, hear stories, and to share stories. Conveying a story through images about your product can be integral to increased sales – as long as it is done professionally and with expertise.

The customer response to video is always much stronger than print and direct marketing ads on their own. When used in conjunction with traditional advertising and marketing efforts, videos can make a huge difference on your bottom line – especially testimonial videos.

The power of video is simply undeniable. It can generate traffic and give you the chance to presell your product to viewers. Videos also let you build a relationship with potential (and returning) customers by making them feel more comfortable with you and your product. If you have your own website, videos can even help improve your site’s rank in the search engines. And don’t forget, videos can go viral. So posting your videos on sites like YouTube and other video sharing communities can really go a long way.

After learning what you’ve just learned, we’ve put together a couple of ways you can use video to boost your sales:

· Product reviews

· Interview experts

· Create product showcases

· Consumer video reviews

· Sales videos

· Video blogging

The important thing is to have fun with your videos while at the same time offering your customers something informative and memorable.