Tuesday, February 9, 2010

PayLoadz offers Affiliates Help on Video

The PayLoadz affiliate program has so much to offer. It can help you build your business from the ground up, maintain loyal customers, and increase your overall sales. It can help you make more money through sales and help affiliates earn extra cash by helping you out!

Our affiliate program has a few different options for those who’d like to join – and you instantly monetize your website through our system. First of all, PayLoadz resellers can join the program and earn for each click, sign-up, or recurring form sign-up that they drive our way.

Our digital goods sellers can also benefit from the PayLoadz affiliate system. The program offers webmasters financial rewards for offering featured products on their sites. Merchants can work with webmasters to advertise products. You can learn more about this by reading through the PayLoadz help. You can even add PayLoadz ad syndication to your own webpage which helps us get the word out about what we have to offer.

You may be wondering why we’ve chosen to make a tutorial video about our affiliate program. We know that there are loads of videos online and that today’s savvy web users watch more than they read. Video tours and webcasts have quickly become an integral way to train, market, and improve an overall business. Videos can also help increase traffic to a site and boost website popularity. This is why you might consider using video to show potential buyers what’s so great about your virtual products featured on PayLoadz.

So, keeping that in mind, we’ve decided to jump on the online video bandwagon and offer tutorials on the web. Video media helps grab your attention, and many people learn by watching and listening than by just reading alone. So, instead of reading all the information we have about our affiliate program, interested parties can get a boost of information with our video.

While all that sounds great, you may still have questions about how the PayLoadz affiliate program works. We’ve come up with a groundbreaking way of helping you get a little more information – our PayLoadz Affiliate Program video. The video is intended to give you an up close and personal look at our affiliate program outlined and narrated by a PayLoadz expert.

Our affiliate program video helps educate viewers on our program and does so effectively and succinctly. It covers the basics of our affiliate system, what the options are, and how you can benefit from joining. The affiliate program video serves as an excellent supplement to the reading materials we have on our website. You can check it out at http://help.payloadz.com/help/default.aspx?pageid=video_affiliate_overview&dummy=75458undefined – and it is also on YouTube!