Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Using the Affiliate Builder

As an online merchant, you probably have heard a thing or two about joining affiliate programs and making a little extra revenue. You’ve also heard that affiliates can help expand your reach and increase your sales significantly. PayLoadz understands just how important an effective and beneficial affiliate program can be, which is why ours is so innovative. The Affiliate Builder is a system within our own affiliate program which can help your reach and sales soar!

Basically, the Affiliate Builder is a unique system that will allow you to get credit for selling other merchants’ goods and vice versa. Other people will promote your virtual goods on their websites, emails, and newsletters and for each sale that goes through from their efforts earns a fee. You can be both an affiliate advertiser and an affiliate marketer – if you do both the benefits only get bigger. As an affiliate marketer, you can view affiliate products and their associated rates and select the ones that best match your preference.

The way the Affiliate Builder works is that the PayLoadz system will track each referral within the affiliate program. This way, you will know how much you will be paying out to affiliates and they, in turn, will know how much to expect. All payments from affiliate transactions are still made directly from PayPal to you, which keeps things simple. Additionally, PayLoadz will also let you know each time a sale is made through one of your affiliates, so there is no element of surprise. To make things even easier for you, we’ve made it so you can select the mass payment option within your PayPal account to pay all of your affiliates at the same time!

If you’re wondering just how the affiliate information is tracked, it’s much like any other affiliate system you may have used before. All affiliate sales are tracked using cookies right in the customer’s web browser. So, when a customer clicks on an affiliate’s link that leads to your PayPal or your website, the information is sent over. Just remember, if you want successful and efficient tracking, you must use the PayLoadz GoLink code in conjunction with the Affiliate Builder.

When it comes down to how affiliates use the system to promote your products, there are a couple of options. First and foremost, affiliates can simply redirect buyers to your product purchase page. This is usually the most simple and direct method. However, you can also allow affiliates to sell products right from their own sites, though payment is still made into your setup.

The only way affiliates are ever enabled for your products is by giving them the Affiliate Builder linking code from your product page. Affiliates will be asked to provide some basic information and register for the program. Once this is done, they can start promoting your product and earning cash. You may want to become an affiliate for products that complement your own, and help build your earning potential as well.


If you are a seller and want to sell product thru the Affiliates system you can do so via the PayLoadz Affiliate section.