Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tips for Buyers Using PayLoadz

Though we provide an invaluable service for merchants offering virtual goods including eBooks, software, music files, videos, and similar files, consumers also benefit. PayLoadz makes it easy for shoppers to find the digital materials they need and to make the purchase without any added hassle and headache. Though we don’t sell the products directly, we are an essential gateway between merchants and consumers. This article is intended to provide a few tips for buyers using the PayLoadz system.

As you already know, there is a wide selection of products offered through PayLoadz. All merchants that have listed products for sale, as well as our team, want to provide the most pleasant shopping experience possible. That’s why we, along with the merchants, have worked out different ways for consumers to gain access to merchants during and after the sale for help with the transaction itself as well as the final product. We want to make it easy for you to find your product, download your orders, and use the content you’ve purchased.

Getting Help from Sellers

Like many shoppers, you may have questions about a product before you make a purchase. This is expected, so PayLoadz offers an easy way to reach the seller – the “Contact Seller” option given along with each product’s description. If the seller also happens to have a website, that information will also be given. If you happen to have a question for the seller after you’ve made a purchase, you can take advantage of the suggestions above or you may look in a couple other places. Your PayPal transaction will show the seller’s email address and it will also be included in the download email that you receive right after making payment.

Locating Your Orders

There are a few different choices when it comes to finding your order after you’ve made the purchase. Once you finalize payment, PayLoadz will offer you a Payment Confirmation and Completion Page immediately. This page includes the total you’ve paid, the items you’ve ordered, and where you can download them. If you somehow miss this page or close it out, don’t worry; you’ll also get a download email that has all of that same information. If for any reason neither works for you, we do offer an Order Lookup System where you can search your order and locate the download link.

Other Tips

It is important to remember that PayLoadz is simply the gateway between the merchant and the consumer, so if you have specific product questions it is always best to reach out to the seller directly. This is especially true if you are having trouble downloading or using the virtual goods you have purchased. Additionally, if you have trouble with your PayPal or other payment method, contacting the payment gateway directly is also your best bet.