Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Using PayLoadz To Sell Digital Files On eBay

Even though eBay changed their policy on their Digital Goods listing flow, you can still use this popular site to sell your digital files. We offer you the option of listing your product through our PayLoadz eBay Store if you do not have your own eBay account.

How you list it is up to you as long as you use the normal auction listing process. We recommend that you simply list the order lookup URL from PayLoadz in your listing. The URL will look something like this:

To sell your downloads on eBay:

  1. Get the item name for the product you want to sell from your PayLoadz account to enter into the eBay auction. You must use the exact item name that is in the PayLoadz system as your auction name so we know how to track the item you sold.
  2. Log into you eBay account – or in the PayLoadz eBay store following the appropriate directions – and select the selling tab in order to create a listing.
  3. Choose the type of auction you wish – we suggest ‘Fixed Price Auction’ – and the category your product will go into. Do not use the Digital Item category.
  4. Enter your item information and remember to use the name of your PayLoadz product as the auction name. For example, if you name the PayLoadz file ‘My Book’ then you need to name the eBay auction ‘My Book’. Make sure you include a copyright notice in your listing so your customers know that your digital file is authorized for sale.
  5. Include the Order Lookup URL in your item description so that your customer knows where to go to get the download.
  6. Enter the number of downloads available and the price per each. You should make the number you have available and the price of the item match what you have listed on your PayLoadz account.
  7. Set your payment and file delivery options making sure that your payment e-mail and your PayLoadz e-mail match.
  8. Confirm your listing and submit it.

As soon as we receive a confirmation that the file has been paid for we will release the download file to your customer.

The process listed above is also good for other auctions sites where you may wish to sell your digital files. The key to having a successful auction using PayLoadz is making sure that the auction name and URLs all match those in your PayLoadz account. If they do not, the system will not be able to allow your customer to download the file they have purchased. If you ensure that everything matches, you will find that this is an effective way of selling your digital files.