Thursday, October 15, 2009

How You Can Get Started With PayLoadz

Have you been looking for a way to sell you digital files online but have not been happy with the current services on the Internet? Then you have not tried PayLoadz. Our unique system is very user–friendly and gives you an interface to use to get your digital products out into the market. Getting started with PayLoadz is easy and there are two ways you can get started.

PayLoadz Express is the quick and easy way of getting your files uploaded and for sale quickly. It gives you a three step process that puts your product out there without any advance features such as software registration keys, affiliate systems or multiple file delivery. If you need these features for your files, then we recommend you use our other service, PayLoadz Standard.

The standard process is just as easy as the express process but it offers you more options when it comes to listing your files. It takes five steps instead of three and it allows you to add your PayPal account or Google Checkout account to your profile for easy payment options. Additionally you can set up an API Callback URL if you want to receive additional notification that a purchase has been made. If you use Google Checkout you can setup purchase buttons, links or contact us information for your profile.

Once you have setup your payment options you can start putting together your product line. By selecting the ‘Selling’ tab at the top of your account you can open the screen that allows you to add your product. Each item you plan to add to your inventory must have a unique name and it must be created one at time so that the system can process it. PayLoadz will then provide you with HTML coding that you can place on your website for customers to use to order your product. It will even give you the HTML coding you need for button creation that will work with PayPal.

Copy and paste this code into the appropriate page on your website. Your customers will be able to click on the link and download your goods from the PayLoadz website after they have paid for it. Once you have pasted the code into your website test the links to make sure they work properly and make any adjustments necessary. If everything is working the way it should, you can make your website page live and then wait for the downloads to begin.

PayLoadz offers you a wide variety of features to use when selling your digital products including the option to set up a sample page your customers can download. Feel free to check out the entire system and have fun uploading your inventory and the freedom PayLoadz offers.