Friday, February 29, 2008

Sellers' Sales Increase 1,036%

Sellers Using Our Service See 1,036% Year Over Year Sales Growth. A pretty incredible number. It basically means a seller that was selling on our service a year ago, on average, has seen their sales increase by 10x. That is pretty impressive.

As an example, if the average seller on our service has sales of $1,000 today, a year from now based on the average growth, they will have sales of over $10,000 per month. I'm impressed! I knew there was accelerated growth in digital sales when using PayLoadz vs. tangible goods, but I never realized it was this significant.

Get growing!


Fun with database queries on a Friday night. Let's look at the math...

First, we query our system to get a list of all the sellers who had sales this time last year. We also get a total of those sellers' sales for a 30 day period from one year ago. Fast forward to today, we generate a list of sellers and match them up with the list from a year ago and compare their sales for this past month. Now we have a BIG list of digital good sellers from last and this year. We do a simple percentage change calculation using:

(New Sales-Old Sales)/Old Sales = % Growth Year Over Year

Finally, we average the number above for all the sellers in our list and we come up with 1,036.23%, or a growth factor of 10!