Friday, February 29, 2008

Features and Fixes: January and February 2008

Work continues over here at PayLoadz. A lot of small things this month while work continues on the bigger projects. We should have a few of those being released this coming month. Stay tuned...

Drop Down Navigation Menus - Mouse over drop down menus have been added to the top navigation bar to increase the efficiency in which sellers can access common functions of their account.

MassPay Error for Syndication System Payouts - An error has been addressed for website owners using our Syndication System to earn click through payouts.

Delete File Function Updated for New Delivery and Storage System - Delete file function fixed to remove files properly.

Automated Reseller Fee Payouts - The PayLoadz Reseller System now has automated payouts to users on a per click and recurring revenue basis.

Removed Paid Additional Storage - Sellers can simply ask for more storage and we should be able to provide them with the needed amount.

JavaScript Variables on Download Page - Sellers can access the payment variables of the order via JavaScript variables in the download page to use for their own code such as affiliate programs and tracking programs.

Improved SQL Queries for Store - The PayLoadz Store has had a revision of the display queries which have increased their speed and efficiency dramatically.

Affiliate URL Optional in Product Setup - Sellers no longer need to enter and affiliate URL when setting up their product.

Items Missing From Available Affiliate Products - All seller items will appear in the list of Available Affiliate Products in our site if they choose to.

History Search Date Defaults - The selling history now defaults to one day in the future to ensure proper encapsulation of the search results as a default.

From Name in Add Download Email - When using the Add Download Email system to send out downloads manually from our system the seller's Profile Business Name is shown as the From Name in the email instead of just their email address.