Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Features and Fixes: November and December 2007

Some updates from the last month or so of dev. Things have been a bit hectic with the new delivery system development and roll-out. Things should calm down now as we move into developing other functionality. Thanks for bearing with us during this time.
Happy Holidays,


Unlimited File Storage - We can now offer unlimited storage for accounts with our new file storage and delivery system.

New Delivery System - A more robust and reliable system. Download speeds are much higher and do not require the use of FTP links meaning reduced firewall issues.

Seller Subscription System - Sellers can now sell their products as subscription items. Customers can pay a monthly fee and the seller will be able to send any list of subscribers any product in their account.

Send Download to Existing Customers - Sellers can send a download to any of their existing customers using the same Add Download Email method as when sending a single download.

Increased Bulk Download Limit - Sellers can now send a product download to a list of email addresses they paste into the system. Up to 200 recipients now.

Seller's Note to Send Download - Sellers can add a note when manually sending a download via the web interface. Useful for adding instructions or simple notes.

Enhanced Affiliates Search - Sellers can now search their affiliates using a variety of criteria.

Download Link Text Enhanced - Greater emphasis has been placed on the download link on the download page to be less confusing.

Continue Shopping URL - Sellers can specify a specific URL that customers will be sent to when clicking Continue Shopping in their shopping cart.

Captcha on Contact Seller in Store - Word/image verification to prevent spam.

SEO on Store Detail Page - Some tweaks to make search engine results more relevant for items in the Store.

Auto Assign Item Number - Sellers can leave the Item Id/Item Number field blank when creating a product and it will be auto-assigned in an incremental value.

Enable Checkout Language Selection - Sellers can specify the page language their customers will see when checking out.

Category Selection in Advanced Store Search - Customers can search by category as well as keyword when using advanced search by default.

Export Products Invalid File Location Alert - Seller's are alerted to misconfigured products on file information exports system.

Pay Affiliates in PayLoadz Interface - Sells can enable PayLoadz to pay their affiliates directly from within our interface using the PayPal API.

Move Express Site to New Server - Express system has been moved to our new server along side our other sites.

Custom Email Text in Google Checkout Fix - Custom product text included in GC now.

RSS Feed of Sales History - An XML/RSS feed of a seller's recent order history is now provided to track sales when not at our site.

Disable PayPal Checkout - Sellers can choose to not sell with PayPal if they like.