Saturday, November 18, 2006

PayLoadz eStore Pay Per Click Listings

I've always known that the PayLoadz eStore would be a big part of the PayLoadz system for us in terms of a potential revenue source, and for sellers in terms of getting their products exposure. For small publishers who may not have much online marketing experience, getting people to know about their product is the biggest hurdle. By listing their products in our store, they can rely on our expertise to create an optimized page that will drive traffic to their sites and ultimately buy their products.

We actually spend quite a lot of money and time in marketing the eStore. Listing products in the eStore is still free, but we wanted to find ways where sellers could pay for performance of getting more people to see their product. So we came up with a pay-per-click advertising system that allows them to make their products featured. Currently, Featured Products in the eStore are based on the top selling 1,000 products for the past week. This new system will allow sellers to place their products in this section along side the top selling ones. Products shown in the Featured product section have a very high click through rate compared with other sections of the site.

We pay for placement of seller's products in Yahoo! Products Submit, Google Base, Yahoo! and Google Sitemap programs, as well as MSN and other sites. We've been running these programs at a loss for some time to build traffic into the store and hope to get some return out of our efforts by providing this system.

If you are a seller in PayLoadz, you can start using the Enhanced Listings feature here:

Visit the PayLoadz eStore:

Bonus: We will match any deposit a seller makes into their Enhanced Listings account. If you deposit $20, then we will give you credit for $40 worth of Featured Product clicks.