Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Handling Invalid File Locations

Dealing with invalid file locations can be a real pain for both the buyer and the seller. When a buyer experiences an invalid file location, they may lose trust in that particular seller causing the merchant to lose credibility. Remember, buyers can always leave negative feedback on the Internet regarding your product and their experience! However, from time to time this issue may arise, but don’t let it discourage you from using PayLoadz. Let us explain how to properly handle invalid file locations so that you are prepared.

First of all, what is an invalid file location? If a customer, or even a seller, receives this message on the PayLoadz system, it simply means that there is not a valid file specified for delivery for that particular product. Usually such a message is the result of a simple mistake that can be easily corrected. The easiest way for an invalid file location to be corrected is for the seller to upload a new file for the product. However, the seller may also just need to specify an existing file through a series of simple confirmations and corrections.

When a customer receives an invalid file location for the virtual good they wish to purchase or have just bought, they will usually need to contact the seller directly. The seller’s email contact information is always made available to customers on the Download Page. However, if any additional problems arise, PayLoadz may be able to help reach the seller as well – though only to a limited degree. Please remember that we cannot help resolve the issue from our end without the seller’s assistance because it is a seller configuration issue.

The actual procedure to fix the issue is pretty simple. The seller will need to log into their PayLoadz account, which can be done right from our home page at Once this is done, the seller will be able to access his or her list of existing available products. Within their list they should find the product that is getting an invalid file location error. Sellers can review the details of each file they have uploaded to the PayLoadz system and make any needed changes easily.

We offer an innovative and effective “Test Delivery” system to help sellers ensure that their products do not achieve an invalid file location message. This feature is intended for use when a product is first added to the PayLoadz system or when any changes or updates to the file are made. To top it off, the test feature is completely free to use. However, some sellers forget to take advantage of this feature and therefore some virtual goods may have invalid file location messages.