Friday, December 4, 2009

An In-Depth Look at PayLoadz Express

PayLoadz offers a unique gateway for selling and buying a wide variety of digital goods. For merchants hoping to sell multiple files at once, software key registration, and to become affiliates, the PayLoadz Standard is the ideal option. Though there are several different account types, PayLoadz Express is the ideal solution if you simply want to sell basic digital files online. We offer a simple, 1-2-3 process that allows you to offer a digital file for sale and purchase to be completed in a matter of moments.

It is possible to sell just about any digital product ranging from music to software to eBooks using PayLoadz Express. PayLoadz Express is actually our quickest and most direct solution for selling a digital product online – and it’s completely free. Just about anyone, or any company, can use this system to sell a file. PayLoadz Express users can provide just a little information about the product and the accompanying file so that we can generate a link that can be used to sell that particular file from just about any location.

PayLoadz Express is ideal for individuals that don’t actually have their own website on which to promote and sell their digital products. We make it easy for you since we can create a dedicated page for your product right in our PayLoadz Store. From there, shoppers can click on the link and make their purchase paying through PayPal. After we have confirmed a successful payment we’ll provide the customer with the downloadable file. Sellers receive their income via PayPal.

On our website, we offer quick tips and detailed information on how to use the link generated within the PayLoadz system to sell your product in almost any online venue. It is possible to sell your digital products via eBay and other online auction venues as well as through your FaceBook, MySpace, and other social networking sites. You can even sell your product in forums, emails, and chat rooms. This is because we create a unique web address that can be used anywhere!

It is important to understand that with PayLoadz Express, your customers are guaranteed a safe and efficient gateway to your product. We store your file in a secure directory that can only be accessed after an approved purchase. Download links and instructions are provided to clients only after the purchase has been made which protects you from both financial loss and virtual theft.

PayLoadz Express is a simple and efficient way to sell simple downloadable files to customers throughout the world. For convenience of users whose language is not English, PayLoadz Express is available in seven other languages which are Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Spanish, Chinese and French.

You don’t need your own website or online store to join PayLoadz Express, and remember – it is always free. As long as you own the materials you plan to sell via PayLoadz Express, opportunity awaits.