Friday, October 3, 2008 3rd Quarter Results

New York, NY October 3, 2008 -- discloses internal valuation metrics for its online downloadable content ecommerce solution and displays a continued trend of considerable growth.

During the past year, registered accounts increased 36% from 59,600 to 81,000. Similarly, the number of products registered for sale through PayLoadz increased 58% from 256,000 to 404,000.

The number of file downloads processed for September 2008 was 73,600. The dollar value of transactions processed for the period from September 2007 to September 2008 was just over $7M.

"We are poised to finish 2008 with revenues in the $900K range. We are forecasting revenue growth for this time next year to put us in at $1.25M for the year conservatively," said Shannon Sofield, founder and CEO of "This past week we have seen near record levels in new accounts and new premium accounts. I think with the current economic conditions, people are looking to hedge their risk by diversifying their incomes with a solution such as ours."

You can reach Shannon Sofield at 646.201.4019.