Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Features and Fixes: October 2007

Been a long time since the last post, but we've been working nonetheless. Here are a few updates.

Invalid File Alert - When a seller has an invalid file location specified for their product, the system will now prominently display an alert message on the product detail page in their account. The message will also display on the download page. Even though failed delivery is rare, this type of product mis-configuration is the largest issue for non-file delivery.

Featured Listings Link - The ability for a seller to have their product featured in the PayLoadz Store has been linked directly from the Selling tab in their account.

Affiliate Fee Decimal Values - There was an issue with the Affiliate Fee specified in the product setup being rounded to whole numbers instead of retaining the decimal. This has been resolved.

Payment Variables to JavaScript on Download Page - A seller can now obtain all of the needed payment variables on the download page using JavaScript. This is particularly useful if they are using their own affiliate or tracking system using the Download Page Text field in their PayLoadz Profile.

Remember User - We now keep the user logged in for a few days unless they click on the logout link in their account.

History Search for Product - The sales history on the Product Detail page for a product now links to the sales history page for that particular product when clicking
"View All".

Revised Sales Statistics - The Sales Statistics page which contains graphs and figures now can be modified by date and by product, giving better sales history information.

Add Featured Listing Funds Using API - Sellers can now fund their Featured Listings account without leaving the PayLoadz site using the Enhanced Services agreement.

Tracking Syndication System Clicks - The Syndication System now tracks detailed information for each click. This is leading up to allowing us to pay all people who place the system on their web pages to get paid on a per-click basis.

Software Registration System- Single Password - Sellers can now offer a single password in the Software Registration System for their product instead of having to enter a separate password for each customer.

Modify Payment Buttons in Generator - A seller can specify any image or choose from a gallery of images in the purchase button Code Generator system.

Low Key Alert Email - If a seller is delivering product keys with their product, the system now sends them an email when the key count becomes low, indicating they need to replenish their keys.

Seller Id in Affiliate Products - Potential affiliates and sellers offering affiliates can add the query-string variable "uid" to list all products by a specific seller.

We are working on some bigger projects right now, expect them to be live in a month or so.