Monday, June 4, 2007

Features and Fixes: May 2007

Some bugs crept in this month from the pace of development, but we have them sorted out now. A lot of behind the work was done for some major projects we have under wraps. Hope to get them all out the door this Summer.

PayLoadz Store
Results Paging Bug - An issue with the store results paging. Not all products were being shown and some were shown more than once.

User Keywords Integrated in Search - Now the keywords entered by the user's during product creation are included in the search queries.

PayLoadz Site
Bulk Product Import Price Issue - Prices over 1,000 were throwing a SQL insert error. This has been resolved now.

Correct Date Examples - We had pretty poor examples of dates as form field hints on the site. We have corrected these with proper examples that will guide users from other countries.

Google Checkout Bugs - A big issue with GC at the end of the month. Really problematic, but now it is sorted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Affiliate Products Navigation - Now affiliate products are better sorted and have proper page navigation options.


p.s.- We will be speaking next week at eBay Live! in Boston on selling digital goods on the eBay/PayPal platform. Feel free to listen ion or to chat with us afterwards.