Thursday, May 3, 2007

Featured Seller:

The is the second post in our series on merchants that sell downloadable goods. The first installment can be seen here.

This week we have Diane Dennis from She has been selling on our system almost since the beginning in June of 2002. She currently has over 150 products available for sale from her site.

What kind of digital goods you sell?
Construction business forms that construction contractors and suppliers use in their day to day business (ie: preliminary notice forms, release forms, mechanic’s lien forms, etc.).

What file and delivery formats do you use?
Word, PDF, Excel, and Rich Text Format. Most files are stuffed into .zip, .exe and .sit formats.

How long have you been selling your items?
Since 2000.

How have your sales performance changed since you started selling?
The more I utilize PayLoadz’s tools the more sales I get.

What tools have helped your increase your sales?
The PayLoadz Store feature and, surprisingly to me, the eBay listings.

What other tools or services have helped you manage your business?
Yahoo Stores and SiteSell.

What types of marketing do you rely on?
Paid search and heavy word of mouth.

Can you provide any advice to sellers just getting started selling digital goods?
Anyone can sell a digital good but not everyone gives good customer service. Promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed or 100% refund with no questions asked and follow through on it. Give unlimited free replacements with no questions asked. There are some who will take advantage of these policies and request a form even though they haven’t purchased it or request a refund even though they’re using your product but the honest folks are so incredibly touched by the fact that they’re trusted (who trusts anyone anymore these days?) that they continually send you new customers and come back regularly for other needs. Try to review each purchase because often folks will include personal notes in the comments section, or they’ll make a mistake and order 2 when they only needed to order 1 (unlimited usage). Respond to every email, inquiry, comment, kudos, complaint, etc. personally and friendly. Don’t be offended by anything and use every comment to better your customer service.


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