Friday, April 27, 2007

Registration Key Bug

We just finished working through a pretty pesky little bug that surfaced yesterday. We've been trying to consolidate code across application pages as much as possible and one of the commonly used systems is the Registration Key System. While a very small percentage of our overall users actually use the system, each one that does generates a sizeable amount of transactions per day, so it is important that it be running as well as it can be.

Three particular pages were affected by a bug we introduced into the system, the main order processing script for PayPal, the Add Download Email function, and the Bulk Add Download Email functions. The first two have been fixed as of 10:30AM EST. They are by far the two most commonly used. The Bulk Add Download Email function one is still persisting and we are working through it. Expect the Bulk Add Download system to be 100% again by tomorrow morning.

At least it's raining out today so we'd rather be inside coding anyway.