Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Beta - Syndicated Affiliate Ads

Here is a pretty cool idea methinks. Apparently, anyone who sells anything should have affiliates accounting for %25 of their sales total. I personally have not seen this in practice, but that is the claim made by several marketing sources. The Affiliate System at PayLoadz is bare-bones to say the least- that could be a reason for the low affiliate sales. During the new site rollout, we are working to bring the entire section up to speed, but that is another matter.

This post is about a new feature I put out today for syndicated affiliate ads. You may be familiar with similar functionality in services like AdBrite and AdSense (I actually wrote one of these kinds of apps years ago). I had thought about doing something similar to this, but this is much more exciting imho. I decided that our affiliate system could leverage this type of ad syndication. It works off of simple cut-n-paste HTML/JavaScript code that an affiliate adds to their web page. Here is a first-draft version of what the ads look like: The system is very cool for both parties involved, the seller and the affiliate. the seller does not have to worry about marketing their affiliate program to try and get new affiliates and the affiliate does not have to tediously select individual products to market.

While it is fully functioning at the start (possible bugs aside), the revised versions will have ad customization in appearance and product types, categories based on the PayLoadz Store, as well as different ad formats. Oh, and a cooler name.

I'm pretty happy with it :)

fyi- You can see the ads in action on the bottom right-hand column of this blog as well.