Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Site Design Mock Up

Playing around here with a new site layout and design. The current one hurts my eyes. It looked better when I originally received it from the designer a few years ago, but we've added and changed things along the way, so now it is pretty ungly (yes, ungly) IMHO.

The application portion of PayLoadz needs to be lean and mean. Let users get in and do what they need, then get out easily. Simple and fast. Here is a rough example of the direction:

I think we are on the right track. I have mock ups of other pages as well completed. We should finalize the design by the end of next week. Then get the designs cut up to HTML templates in two weeks from now, then Begin putting the design in place. We'll be working with the lowest traffic pages first and work backwards. It should not take more than a week once we get all of the templates done and images in place.

If you have feedback, speak now or forever hold your peace!