Sunday, December 17, 2006

Selling Downloads on eBay

PayLoadz allows its users to sell downloads on eBay. Sellers can list products in their own eBay account and have our system fulfill the delivery of the item for them. Many sellers have taken advantage of this feature to market their products to a purchase ready group of people at the eBay site. It is a great place to market digital goods.

We also allowed our sellers to list their products in the PayLoadz eBay Store. We did this as an experiment to explore the issue of selling in digital auctions for ourselves and in learning to use the eBay API and PayPal APIs together. We came up with a pretty slick system that lists auction items via our own web interface.

The PayLoadz eBay Store has proven to be very successful. Currently we have a 100% Positive Feedback Rating! This is very hard to do no matter what you sell on eBay. We can only suggest the reason is in the reliability of the delivery mechanism our system provides. The store has close to 3,000 items for sale. Just recently, our account was upgraded to an eBay Power Seller.

We don't make money on the eBay store. If anything, we lose money in terms of listing fees and other marketing costs as well as absorbing the costs for providing refunds to customers if needed. We may look to try and monetize the feature in the future, but for now, it is just a happy little project here.

Happy Holidays,